View Conference 2017: a full immersion in virtual reality, digital graphics and storytelling

This year for the first time we went to Turin to VIEW Conference, the renowned Italian event dedicated to computer graphics, the digital media, VR and the varied world of gaming.

At the end Vanni del Gaudio, our art director, and Daniele Piras, one of our multimedia content creators, actually managed to come back among us, in real life! Those who followed us on Instagram know that we had begun to have some doubts about managing to see them again in the office. And we can assure you that, knowing our chickens, after a 5-day full immersion in VR, digital animation and video games, it was not something we could take for granted.…:-P

View Conference is the largest European fair in the sector and has been held for 16 years now with increasing success. The themes dealt with regard various fields of application, such as video games, 3D cinema, Industrial and Cultural Heritage. For four days, the masters of digital animation meet to discuss, teach, recount their experiences and above all to inspire all the participants and give them new visions.

For us it has been an enriching experience. In fact it isn’t every day that we get the chance to listen to the experience of people who are creating the history of technology and digital animation! We were able to listen to the talks of the most influential world-level experts of Computer Graphics, VFX, VR, Gaming and animation. Over 80 speakers, including 7 Oscar winners, who spoke about all the various facets of virtual reality, digital effects, gaming and storytelling.

Some of the most interesting encounters: with Loving Vincent, the first feature film wholly painted on canvas, which recounts the works and life of Vincent Van Gogh (125 painters and 65000 paintings were needed to make it!); with Rob Pardo, one of the most important designers of video games in the world, the creator of World of Warcraft; with Eric Darnell, Chief Creative Director of Baobab Studios, who talked about immersive storytelling in the age of virtual reality.

Digital storytelling is an art, but also a complex craft. People working in this sector know very well how fundamental it is today to keep constantly up-to-date; just about every day small or large novelties appear, and what we write today may already be out-of-date and no longer valid tomorrow. For this reason, we always have to be ready to change; even at the risk of challenging all our convictions and certainties. It was with this awareness that we went to the conference, ready to absorb all the best achievements of the immersive storytelling world like sponges, and to capture the trends and innovations of the sector.

However utopian it may have seemed up to a short while ago, VR is really about to enter consumers’ homes. Immersive reality is taking the shape of something tangible and soon it might actually become part of our everyday lives. The possibilities are infinite, but the impression we had listening to the gurus of this sector and immersing ourselves in one or other virtual world was that we are still at an experimental stage. The future of VR will be written by those who manage to master and render convincing the application of VR to fields other than entertainment and video-games.

And we, in our own small way, will continue to study, experiment, try out and make mistakes. So as not to be caught unawares by the challenges of a largely unknown future.

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