#TheFirstLast, The Last Supper by Plautilla Nelli

A crowdfunding has now started for the restoration of the Last Supper by Plautilla Nelli, Florence’s first woman artist. The painting can be defined “the first last” as it is the First, and perhaps only Last Supper by a woman artist.

The goal of the #TheFirstLast is to raise the sum of 65.000 dollars by the 16th of April, through crowdfunding on Indiegogo, a fundraising system that makes it possible for lots of people to get involved by contributing any sum in exchange for interesting rewards at every level.

Why are we supporting this campaign? Because we like female artists, because we like what AWA does and because the restorer, Rossella Lari, has a study next to our offices so we can assure you that the painting is in good hands ! 😉

The story and the destiny of Plautilla Nelli are now in your hands! Discover Nelli’s story and please contribute what you can today: we must make sure that this important masterpiece and Nelli’s story are not lost forever.





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