Groupe guides: up to 60 channels, for clear, interference-free listening
D’Uva supplies audio, multimedia & mobile interpretation guides for cultural heritage. We create contents for museums, shows, churches, archaeological sites.
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Groupe guides

up to 60 channels, for clear, interference-free listening
  • Radioguide per gruppi
radio guide

height: 9.7 cm = 3,8189 inches
width: 4 cm = 1,5748 inches
depth: 21 cm = 2,4 cm = 0,944882 inches

Charging Unit - 50

height: 40 cm = 15,748 inches
width: 48 cm = 18,8976 inches
depth: 21 cm = 8,26772 inches
storage: 50 radio guide

Charging Unit - 25

height: 17,5 cm = 15,74 inches
width: 44 cm = 18,8976 inches
depth: 27,5 cm = 8,26772 inches
storage: 25 radio guide

radio guide, radio systems, visit groups
About This Project

Group visits have different needs: to host multiple groups with different languages at once without a tour disturbing the other, to allow the guide to speak quietly and to enable all the guests to listen; to have to access to a system running both indoors and outdoors.

Our group guides satisfy all these needs by offering clear listening free from interferences, allowing the hosting of several groups in different languages at the same time, both indoors and outdoors.



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