Pentecost at the Pantheon: liturgy behind closed doors in live streaming


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Liturgy of Pentecost: Sunday 31 May in live streaming from 10am an facebook page facebook of Pantheon, on our page facebook,  and on


To allow the participation of the faithful, the liturgical function will be celebrated for the first time behind closed doors and broadcast live on our facebook page and on the official website of the Basilica of Santa Maria ad Martyres.

The liturgy will be celebrated by Mons. Daniele Micheletti and will take place on May 31, 2020 at 10:00 am live from the Pantheon in Rome.

D’Uva also deals in this case, as well as on the occasion of the Miracle of San Gennaro, to share direct streaming and share it on the communication channels that we manage on behalf of the Basilica (website and social pages).

We share with you his words of good wishes and hope:

Dear friends of the Pantheon,

the pandemic is still being felt. The Pantheon will reopen only in the coming weeks and therefore we celebrate the most significant feast of the Basilica behind closed doors. We must give up not only to meet in person, but also to the emotion that is always renewed at the fall of the petals of red roses that remind us of Pentecost, when in an admirable way the Holy Spirit, a gift of the Risen One, descended on the Apostles, reunited with the Madonna in prayer. That day the Church was born. I am not talking so much about the historical institution, but rather about that people of believers who are the living body of the Risen Lord. In this year this was truly the deepest of our experiences. Closed in our homes, we prayed, discovering, perhaps with wonder, that we are truly children of God and have the dignity and courage to call him Father. Priests, Kings and Prophets: this is how Baptism makes us. And as true priests we have invoked the Lord in our families. We continue to do it today, united by the most modern technology. Let us pray together to grant the world all its grace, health, work and peace. Happy Pentecost to all.

Daniele Micheletti, Archpriest Rector

For more information, you can consult the Facebook Event.


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