New totems in the Saint Andrea della Valle in Rome

Another magnificent Roman church, the Basilica of Saint Andrea della Valle, has chosen our multimedia totems Lilium.

Elegant and solid with a 17″ touch screen display, from which you can independently access videos, information pages and 360° interactive panoramic views. These multimedia totems have been installed in Saint Andrea della Valle thanks to the work of our team in putting together contents, filming, photo shoots, the interface development and the final tests. As well as the video contents, which are available in 5 languages, by simply inserting a coin into the totem one can activate the lighting in certain areas of the Basilica.

Each totem contains diversified contents according to the position they are in (central nave, apse or Barberini Chapel), and a welcome video, common to all the totems, with the greeting by Father Carlos Gomez Ruiz, Rector of the Basilica of Saint Andrea della Valle in Rome.

Watch the welcome that the Father extends to visitors, the church is today the home of the Chierici Regolari Teatini; you can also see a preview of the filming carried out in the Basilica, a real treasure chest of works of art. Discover the inside of the church, that manages to appear sumptuous and luminous but still retains an orderly and elegant structure.

It really doesn’t come as a surprise that the composer, Giacomo Puccini chose this church as a setting for one of his most famous operas: the Tosca.

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