New audio guides for the dynamic museum of the Castle of Lari



A journey with our audio guides to discover the Castle of Lari, from the museum rooms of the Vicariate to the splendid view.

The dynamic museum of the Castle of the Vicars, which last year inaugurated a new, innovative layout, has acquired a new tour accessory: 10  of our audio guides have just left for Lari, a delightful hamlet in the province of Pisa, and will soon be available for visitors.

The tour described in the audio guides starts from the inner rooms of the castle and extends into the gardens, from which we get a wide-reaching view from the north, over the Arno valley, to the south, towards Volterra. Thanks to its position on the hill of Lari, the castle dominates the whole of the lower Arno Valley, and for this reason it was an important military facility of the Pisan Republic, up to its conquest by Florence in 1406.

The Grand Duke of Tuscany Leopold of Habsburg, scanning the horizon perhaps from this very garden, noted in his memoirs:

Go to Lari and visit this fine castle with our audio guides, available in 4 languages (Italian, English, French and German). Stroll along the atmospheric outer ramparts and enjoy the guided description of this 360-degree view from Volterra to Pisa as far as the sea. We can assure you you won’t be disappointed!.

For further information visit the site of the Castle of Lari


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