National Museum of Rome: new video guides for Palazzo Altemps and Palazzo Massimo

Starting from this year, visitors to Palazzo Massimo can discover the wonders of Ancient Rome by means of new video guides, modern 5-inch smartphones with audio content, images and an interactive map, which guide the visitor along the exhibition itinerary.

Palazzo Massimo alle Terme hosts one of the most important collections of classical art in the world and is the main site of the four sites of the National Museum of Rome, the other three being the Complex of the Diocletian Baths, Crypta Balbi and Palazzo Altemps.

The new multimedia guide for Palazzo Massimo, available in 5 languages (Italian, English, French, German and Spanish), and created in collaboration with Coopculture, accompanies the visitor along an exhibition itinerary which consists of a basement (with the largest medal collection in Italy), the ground floor, and the two upper floors of the palazzo. In the basement is the Numismatic Section; on the other three floors are masterpieces of classical sculpture; the top floor is dedicated to the extraordinary exhibition of frescoes and mosaics, including the frescoes of the triclinium of the Villa of Livia and those from the villa known as the “Farnesina”.

Four floors in which the history, myths and daily life of Rome come to life again: sculptures, frescoes, mosaics, coins and jewellery which document the evolution of the Roman artistic culture from the late Republican age to Late Antiquity (2nd century B.C.E. – 5th century C.E.).

Like Palazzo Massimo alla Terme, anche Palazzo Altemp has also renewed its audio guide service, with new devices designed and developed again in collaboration with Coopculture. Moreover Palazzo Altemps is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its opening to the public with a large exhibition dedicated to the genius of Piero Fornasetti, open until 6 May. An entertaining dialogue between classical art and functional design.

Since the 1930s, the Atelier Fornasetti has been producing drawings, furniture and furnishings which become something more than mere decorated objects: “an invitation to imagination, to reflection” was how Piero, the founder of the company, himself expressed it. A journey of the imagination which leads to the discovery of the original soul of Palazzo Altemps.

Yet another reason for visiting the National Museum of Rome, a fascinating place which you cannot not visit if you really want to get to know Rome.


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