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We are really proud to announce a new collaboration: the one with the Deputation of the Royal Chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro, of Naples, which has entrusted us with the reception system and the ticket office of the San Gennaro Chapel.

In this place are kept works of great value (from Domenichino to Ribera), sculptures and precious candlesticks, but above all, the real treasure of San Gennaro is kept here: the bust with the relics of the Saint and the ampoule with blood, stored in a locked double key safe.

As we know, San Gennaro is a very popular saint, therefore, the Deputation has chosen to leave the entrance free for the Neapolitans and for those born in Naples who will be able to enter the chapel to pray to the Saint without paying the ticket. Attention was also paid to families: super discounted rates, to ensure that this place remains the right one to tell a story to children and grandchildren and to pass on a tradition so dear to this city.

For the occasion, visitors will also have access to the official app of the Chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro, with useful information for the visit, the official audiotour, a welcome video of Mons. Vincenzo De Gregorio, Abbot Prelate of the Chapel. The audio tour contains a 30-minute journey in six languages, an interactive map and access to content in offline or streaming mode.

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